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Gala Hala
Thu, 30th Aug, 2018 11:30 pm

Deviant Funk: www.mixcloud.com/novadeviator/uploads
Surya: www.soundcloud.com/dj-alil/tracks
Mad Mix: www.mixcloud.com/majadelak/imagesnatchers01
Music: Fem-Shake, Electro, Bass & Breaks

Free entry

Organisation: Syndicate 2018, Emanat
In collaboration with Gala Hala
Photo: Nada Žgank

Clubbing Syndicate 2018

Booty Snatchers

Booty Snatchers present a mix of concrete bass breaks and straight funk that includes both the popular and the hidden pearls of the wide spectrum of electronics – common to all is especially the lethally-catchy syncope that proved to be utterly irresistible for all entities (or their posterior).

  • Gala Hala

    Thu, 30th Aug, 2018 11:30 pm

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