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All events suitable for English-speaking audience are marked with two asterisks **

Syndicate in September:

Syndicate in August:

Due to the COVID situation, the number of visitors at each show in the Gromka club will be limited, so we recommend reservations.

For chargeable events you can get your tickets half hour before the show at the venue.
Two outdoors events in front of the Gromka club are free of charge.

In accordance with the instructions of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), each visitor will have to enter the attendance list with the following information:

– name and surname,
– address of permanent residence,
– contact phone number,

You will enter the form when purchasing a ticket before the show.

(The list will be kept by the organiser Emanat Institute for 1 month and it is obliged to provide it to the NIJZ at their request. If the NIJZ does not send the request within one month from the day of the collection, the organiser of the event destroys the list.)

We recommend the use of protective masks at all indoor events.