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Club Gromka
Saturday, 19 September 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

In the time of hysterical fear of viruses, global catastrophes and shifting governments we guarantee you an evening in the company of professional clowns who will warm up your shivering soul with humour. (quote Lingaling)

Drop dead is a performance that races towards the mark without a handbrake. Eccentrics-performers in full swing will do the following for you in person:

LingaLing will nostalgically and magnanimously yell at her clown ward,

Srečko will do exercises in modern ballet in the role of shepherd with his lambs,

Suzana will perform her favourite song with her favourite students – you! – Ohh, Suzana,

Aleksander will train as a best cross-country skier,

Zlatko will be your favourite Member of the European Parliament,

The Unique Živa Diva will be revealed as a surprise.

The performance without a handbrake will be conducted by the sexy traffic director Luka.

Trained spirit, abdominal muscles and a world view are expected from the audience.
The performance is not for children!!!

A troupe of professional clown actors decided to create the grotesque Drop Dead in order to explore and develop techniques of humour of the modern clown in all its magnitude, and to connect better with the adult audience. Performers who share the passion for clowning discovered it through different art forms: Simeon Huzun is a choreographer and dancer; Tomaž Lapajne Dekleva is an improviser, director and dramatist; Eva Š. Maurer graduated in clown studies; David Dolamič is a mime artist, clown and a voice actor for cartoons; Luka Piletič is an improviser and an eccentric, a graduate of Gaulier Academy and Tina Janežič is a dancer, a clown, a project manager and a graduate of the Lasaad Academy.
Drop Dead grotesque variety show has performed on independent stages across Slovenia and abroad: Gromka, Menza, KUD France Prešeren, Ljudski Dom Šentvid, KUD Litija, Zagorje, Hrastnik, Vrhnika, Postojna, Logatec, Layerjeva hiša Kranj, Sl. Konjice, Festival Rudi Potepuški, Trnfest, Klovnbuf, Sindikat, Siti teater, Ole theatre in Vienna.


Performed by: Alla Abramova, Tomaž Lapajne Dekleva, Simeon Huzun, Tina Janežič, Luka Piletič, Petra Marković, Jošt Jesenovec and Dozsa Gergely
Technical support, scenic and props design: Neža Trobec
Production: Društvo za sodobno klovnsko umetnost

Organised by: Emanat 
In collaboration with: Club Gromka

Photos: Nada Žgank and Bobo


"Like I could feel my belly laughing on the inside." – Member of the audience, Jelko, 53
"I went to see the performance straight after work. I needed an hour to relax humorously. Then it was almost over." – Member of the audience Anja, 43
"I didn’t know you were so talented." – High school classmate Livija, 46
"This was the third time we have gathered in Novo mesto to go on our pilgrimage to Ljubljana to see Drop Dead, because we have fun there and the laughter releases all our worries. On our way back we are very frisky." – Nurses from Novo mesto hospital, 26-59
"I would take the magician home." – Member of the audience Marjeta, 81
"You can pay me less for the lightning design plan, because I laughed really hard." – Matija, lightning designer from Šentvid, 30
"Today I laughed so hard I forgot to put the song for the Swan’s." – Neža, show technician, 38

Show Syndicate 2020

Drop Dead: Without a Handbrake

Saturday, 19 September 2020 at 8:00 pm – Club Gromka, ACC Metelkova mesto

  • Club Gromka

  • Duration

    80 minutes

  • Genre

    cabaret, variety, clownade, grotesque

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