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Old Power Plant (SMEEL)
Opening: 14th April 2020 at 8:00 pm

An unstable live display. That becomes alive in a different way every time.
"Whatever You Think I Am That Is What I’m Not" is a “romantic” view of the contemporary society.
My work arises from the observation of human identity and focuses on the multilayered personae delivered in today's society. It explores human rituals and practices concerning the body as well as the games people play that induce a changeover from one iconic archetype to another.
Each work is an attempt to reconstruct a performance in which the border between reality and fiction vacillates just as when human beings are under the spell of habitual social behaviour. I look for the primeval essence accustomed to camouflage that unleashes its power when I ask my subjects to play with masks and props to disclose the depths of their being, revealing unsaid wishes and secrets.
This process allows me to connect with the intimate energy that I see in the people I take a picture of, both in staged portraits and in snap-shots. My work focuses mainly on portraits because I am fascinated by the unspoken negotiations each human being enacts with himself/herself in order show feelings. For me, this rituals express an instinctive magic that underscores each person's uniqueness and defines the meaning of individuality at large.
Alessandro Di Giampietro, 1972, Pescara, Ljubljana, Milan.

Alessandro Di Giampietro is engaged in photography, video installations and performance, breaking down conventional narrative forms and borders between reality and fiction. In the context of eclectic, humorous and seemingly fleeting expression he creates bizarre and mysterious situations in which reality becomes uncertainty, and uncertainty merges with reality. His work, whether it is photographs or video installations, is in its essence a visual cacophony of images and vibrant colours that are playful yet brash and irritating. He completes all his work with amateur equipement, everyday devices, such as smartphones.

Author: Alessandro Di Giampietro
Organised by: Emanat
In collaboration with: Old Power Plant, Ljubljana

Photos: Alessandro Di Giampietro


“The project whatever you think I am that is what I’m not is kind of a liberation ritual. Social appearances are put aside to give space to deep and unknown personal pulsions that became alive when behind the mask. The monsters that live in the expressive world of Alessandro’s work are growing continuously and are some sort of living organism that keeps to proliferate (transforming from reality into installations, photos, videos, performance and the web).”
- Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

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Alessandro Di Giampietro: Whatever You Think I Am That Is What I’m Not

14th April 2020 at 8:00 pm – Old Power Plant (Lobby) – OPENING

  • Old Power Plant (SMEEL)

  • Duration

    14 – 19 Apr 2020

  • Genre

    Multimedia, video and spatial installation, performative interventions

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