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Club Gromka
Sun, 02nd Sep, 2018 7:00 pm

Rebellious KITCH Controversy is constantly obsessed with politics. She sees political potential everywhere, in the way we drink coffee, in the food we like, hairstyle we have or who we fuck with. Of course, she frequently finds it in drag and queer aesthetics. What could be more political as burlesque, cabaret, extravaganza, etc. that feature pleasure and fun instead of the serious quest and performing of “worthiness”, playful bodily notions instead of the “idea” and obscurity and banality instead of cultural and general socially acceptable patterns. What is more emancipatory as the limitation of own identity through questioning of normative gender roles that generate the hierarchical structure in patriarchal and capitalist society, which also brings us to questions of race and class. Rebellious KITCH Controversy started theorising again, it’s in her blood. For sure, this will happen again. But as soon as she will flash her tits, all will be normal again and you won’t take her "dead-serious" anymore. She will present Vaginal Davis, Divine, Liad H. Kantorowicz and practice of Image Snatchers.

Lana Zdravković is a researcher, political activist, producer, and performer. She graduated in comparative literature and sociology of culture at Faculty of Arts at University of Belgrade and finished her Ph.D. dissertation in the field of philosophy at Faculty for Postgraduate Studies at University of Nova Gorica with thesis Politics of Emancipation: Thought-Practice of a Militant Subject.
In her work she develops synergies between the theoretical, activist, and artistic approach. She is passionately thinking about the power of presentation, the excess of representation, and the subversive potential of a work of art.

She created several projects, both individually and as member of tandem Kitch (since 1999) and is the co-founder of Institute for art production and research Kitch (since 2006). As Rebellious KITCH Controversy she is a member of techno-burlesque collective behind Image Snatchers (since 2013). In 2015, 2016, and 2017 she participated in VN Lab, a Via Negativa Laboratory for performance art.

Lana Zdravković

Photo: Nada Žgank

Organisation: Syndicate 2018, Emanat
In collaboration with: Club Gromka

Illustrated Lecture Syndicate 2018

Political Potential of Drag and Queer Aesthetics

Rebellious KITCH Controversy je nenehno obsedena s politiko. Politični potencial išče vsepovsod, v tem, kako pijemo kavo, kakšno hrano imamo radi, kakšno frizuro nosimo ali pa s kom fukamo.

  • Club Gromka

    Sun, 02nd Sep, 2018 7:00 pm

  • Trajanje

    90 min

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