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Club Gromka
Tuesday, 15 September 2020 at 9:00 p.m.

In the current age, the Juggling Concert is one of the most useful and most valuable of products made on our Earth, a true, veritably ours, fruit of Slovenia, lovely and bright. The conceptual apparatus of stage subjects was marinated in a cocktail of all types of cursing compost comments on the internet, anti-authoritarian fuck-off and three slices of beetroot. It nibbles on snacks in garish shirts, while what it most genuinely wants is children’s songs about farts. At times it actually farts and takes politics seriously. If it is political, let it be a political beast. Violence is here and romance is there. Can we be united at all if we are all so different? Choreography is perhaps the only thing that really unites us. We spit on ourselves because we piss against the wind, we spit on the structures but we are gentle towards music and juggling. Abstracts are worthy of tenderness and offerings, humans just aren’t. (Mismo Nismo)

The new creation by the collective Mismo Nismo places the circus ensemble in the identity of a girl-boyband, with singing, recitation and other communication with the audience typical of such stage groups being joined by the art of juggling. Juggling is sometimes solo, sometimes choral. When vocalization is in the foreground, it is placed in the function of back-vocalism or back-juggles.

Form = Experiment & Idea = Everything

Mismo Nismo is an alt-art circus company from Ljubljana.

We want to experiment within the medium of circus, explore its boundaries and its core, and play with established forms of circus performances. We allow members their self-actualization, emotional liberation and deviance within the limits of the functional within the collective.

We oppose the stereotypical notions of the circus and understand it beyond the spectacle and the kitsch, and its association purely with children’s audiences. We work on spreading, deepening, researching and questioning circus skills, which we place in different genres and approaches and intertwine with other artistic forms. Our goal is to create quality works of art and comprehensive projects using the circus as a medium of communication.

We operate on the principles of inclusiveness and openness. Through connecting with other related/similar communities, organizations and institutions, we are looking for new forms of cooperation, organization and creation. Our purpose is to develop circus art, spread the culture of contemporary and experimental circus, improve working conditions in this field and raise public awareness of the culture of contemporary circus.

Mismo Nismo

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Authorship and performance: Eva Zibler, Oton Korošec, Tjaž Juvan
Directorial help: Nina Ramšak
Consulting: Mojca Sovdat, Matija Solce, Ravil Sultanov
Original music: Tjaž Juvan
Text: Eva Zibler, Tjaž Juvan, Oton Korošec, Otroci socializma
Production: Mismo Nismo
Co-production: Zavod Bufeto
In cooperation with: Ex-Teater, Cirkosfera, Cirkobalkana
Project is supported by: City of Ljubljana, Department for Culture

Organised by: Emanat
In collaboration with: Club Gromka, Metelkova

Photos: Cirkobalkana archive (Jahvo Joža); Klovnbuf festival archive (Jure Stušek); (Ana Desetnica festival archive (Luka Dakskobler); Urška Savič (b&w photo)


“My roommate would LOL” - R.G.

“For me you are like Scream. Do you know who made that painting on the Prague Bridge?” - R.S.

“Messed up and pure.” - M.S.

“You will need to get better … Before you can go to Las Vegas.” - B.A.

Show Syndicate 2020

Mismo Nismo: Juggling Concert

Tuesday, 15 September 2020 at 9:00 p.m. – Square in front of Club Gromka, ACC Metelkova mesto

  • Club Gromka

  • Duration

    50 minutes

  • Genre

    girl-boy band, singing, recitation, juggling

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